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We are passionate about food, proud of our reputation
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Health & Nutrition

Government guidelines governing the nutritional content of the food we serve are becoming more and more stringent. Achieving the correct balance can be extremely challenging and very time consuming for any kitchen resulting in many staff best guessing the nutritional content of your menus.

At Clockwork Catering we go out of our way to ensure that our residents receive a varied and nutritional diet. Our manager's and chef's work closely with their clients to ensure that all resident special dietary requirements are met. We also try, wherever possible, to accommodate our resident's menu requests and suggestions.

Whilst menus can be developed at Head Office, we actively promote that menus are compiled at site between the client, residents, staff and the kitchen team. Once menus have been decided they are checked for their nutritional content via our nutritional software and if needed can be referred to our nutritionalist for further assessment.

Let Clockwork take the guesswork out of nutritional control. Our software packages will allow the kitchen staff to access online tools that will ensure the correct nutritional content of every meal you serve.

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